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About NetProffitt

I started NetProffitt Enterprises in 1998.  After spending many years working for the Tennessee Valley Authority and Intel Corporation and some minor consulting work I joined a start-up company.  When they were acquired ten years later an opportunity arose to transition from employee to information systems and data center management consultant.  After two years the company was sold again and my new consulting opportunity began in website management.

NetProffitt Enterprises currently works with a small list of companies and individuals mostly in the states of Georgia and North and South Carolina, USA.  The goal is to grow in experience, expertise, knowledge and wisdom.  I am most interested in helping clients maintain a steady, profitable business by promoting their business online.

Long Term Relationships

I am very interested in working to understand your business.  I could design a website, train you and hand it off to you, but more times than not that's not what your business needs.  I want to know enough about your business that I can make suggestions about how you might improve.  Some of my suggestions might not have anything to do with online marketing.  My intent is to share my experience in working with numerous small and medium size businesses in any way that will help you grow your business.  Several of my clients have been with me for five to ten years.  a few new ones gave us the opportunity to help them last year.  All of them were referrals from friends or from existing clients.

Trust and Respect and the Honor of the First Call

In a conversation with a respected business associate, Richard Branton, many years ago I described my philosophy of helping people.  I shared with him the excitement I felt when clients called with new business problems we had never discussed before.  My friend explained that I should be honored that I was the recipient of "the first call".  He continued to explain that the 'first call' meant that client thought of me first when they had a problem, not because they thought I knew all the answers, but because they respected my opinion and experience in previous situations.  They were thinking that if anyone had an answer it might be me.

I've been most fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to work with a lot of very fine people.  They have taught me many things over the first ten years and I am ever grateful.  To all of those who have helped me along, who have stayed with me when I've made mistakes or missed deadlines, and to all those who have remarkably had work for me when times were slow I will always be thankful and will continue to strive to optimize your return on your business investments.  I hope we all improve our Net Profit in the coming years by working together.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Paul Proffitt - Owner

NetProffitt Enterprises is a business name (technically a registered DBA in the state of Georgia) that I use to market my consulting services.

A Brief History

Since 1996, Paul Proffitt has been fully engaged in providing consulting services in the areas of online marketing, web site design and management, graphic design, hardware support and database management to a small list of clients mostly in the North Georgia area.  Since graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1975 with a BSEE degree I have leaned more toward programming, design and management than electronics and electrical engineering.  Through various employment experiences I learned that marketing was a key factor in most aspects of my work.  Whether you are marketing yourself, ideas, products, or brands there is always some marketing involved with most jobs.

I found that I enjoy learning about the needs of individuals and businesses and helping them satisfy those needs by acting as facilitator, interpreter and connector among consumers and suppliers.

Web Site Design, Management and Hosting:

  • Experience in web design and management technologies and willing to learn and adapt as necessary to support a client's needs
  • Experience hosting client's web sites since 2003 via virtual private servers (VPS) providing more complete services built on high availability and redundant access

Computers, Software, and Networking:

  • Experience with computers including programming computers, microcontrollers and mini-computers in assembly language, Fortran, C, Perl and PHP
  • Experience in datacenter management as CIO of a Georgia public company involved in online transaction processing systems using real-time access to large, high performance database systems
  • Experience configuring and managing the installation of communication lines including voice,  DSL and T1 for individual and miltiple location local area and wide area networks
  • I support PCs in several states mainly through remote access and phone calls acting as a technical support contact and interface as needed to keep systems running smoothly for multiple clients.

Sales and Marketing:

  • Five years experience in direct customer sales calling on small to medium size corporate clients in metro Atlanta
  • Experience in data processing as VP of Development, CIO and VP of Marketing building relationships with clients across the U.S. and in Europe