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NPE Tutorial B5: Link Building
There is an entire marketing industry surrounding website link building. People have made a lot of money in this area. All the search companies are constantly adjusting their algorithms to scrutinize inbound links for relevance.  Here are two significant points to consider if you want our help with creating inbound links.
Every inbound link should be targeted to a specific landing page. For e-commerce sites the landing page should be one specific product. For informational websites that specific landing page should be targeted for a unique conversion opportunity. We won't try to create inbound links to your home page or random informational pages. Those pages will always have a lower pay off in conversions from your website. So, know your website content and select or create pages that do or will convert well. Then use those as targets when you begin soliciting inbound links.
Your e-commerce website must have really good product descriptions. If you plan to bring inbound links to your product pages these descriptions will be primarily responsible for the success of inbound link conversions. You will need high quality inbound links and high quality product descriptions to get the most conversions. Poor relevancy of your inbound links will fail to lift conversions. Poor product descriptions will result in poor relevancy and also contribute to a failure to lift conversions.
So remember that high quality, highly converting landing pages are a pre-requisite for any link building campaign. Inbound links can be a good resource. Just make sure when you get those links that you make the best use of them.