Design, Marketing, and Support to help your business Make A Difference

Success Online

Your website must work tirelessly to promote your business every day. And like any top salesperson, your website needs training, direction and feedback to stay effective.

  • Be sure to optimize each page for your target audience.
  • Regularly monitor your conversions for new business and retaining clients.
  • Maintain your site for security and performance.

You work hard to build your business. So keep your website tuned for peak performance. Let NetProffitt Enterprises build and maintain your website or online store to keep you growing online.

  • Need a new WEB or E-COMMERCE site?
    We will listen, document your requirements, estimate the project, and implement your website or store. 
    We will review an existing site and create a plan to meet your objectives to convert more visitors to customers.
  • Need help MAINTAINING your site?
    We will protect it, update it, manage it and enhance it so your site grows with your business while it grows your business.

We offer complete solutions and long-term relationships. We learn about your business needs then build what works. We focus on your website so you can focus on your business. With over 15 years of online marketing experience we have proven methods to get you started and keep you going.

Contact us today to see how much we enjoy learning about your business and helping it grow.

  • Where to start? One place - start by telling the story!

    What is this story? Put simply, the story of your business.

    • Begin by describing your customers and their needs.
    • Then list the benefits your products provide to customers.
    • Now include complete descriptions of your products and services.
    • Don't forget to list your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.
    • Almost done. List ways customers can contact you and find your stuff.
    • And lastly, tell us about you and your staff, your company, your reasons for being in this business.

    But, what about how my website should look? Well, now that you've defined your story and and we have documented that we can begin discussing the graphic design of your website. 

    Ready to discuss it? Share a few details and find out how we might help.

  • Marketing, advertising, branding, merchandising.

    Complicated, subjective, expensive. Successful campaigns highlight the benefits to your customer or client.

    • We want to understand your needs and your perspectives because there are many ways to promote your message.
    • We recognize your needs are unique.
    • We fiercely endorse measuring success through all channels.
    • We want to listen first then craft a plan to evaluate and leverage the channels that will work best for you.

    The ultimate gift is to show you the best ways to market your stuff. After that, the implementation and measurement will be much clearer. And your successful marketing efforts will be tangible.

    Here's how we get started.

  • Selling online can seem tedious and intimidating.

    Our experience will get those online orders flowing smoothly. Here are the items we will need.

    • Your list of products and services with all the details.
    • Your portfolio of images used to sell your stuff.
    • Your preferences for payments, shipping, promotions, returns, credits, and warranties.
    • Your expectations for managing products, inventory, orders, and customers.
    • Your legal requirements for collecting taxes, security, and terms and conditions.

    Whether you will sell ten items or ten thousand items the plan is the same. We can put you on the right platform.

    Let's get your selling started!