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Monday, 04 June 2012 00:09

Optimizing Stores

NPE Tutorial E7: Improve Your Online Store

Whether you want to build a new online store, renovate an existing e-commerce site, or make your online store more productive you'll need to make sure to start with great product information and then follow through on lots of details. Here are some reminder lists of things you'll need to know or cover.

Do you compare and research your online purchase or just visit one seller and buy immediately? Now look at your own online store as a customer and look for ways to improve.

  • Are all your product questions answered?
  • Is there a complete product description?
  • Is it obvious how the product is packaged and how many items per package?
  • Does the description invite you to use the product?
  • Are there examples of how and where to use the product?
  • Does the product title assure you you've selected the correct product?
  • Are there good pictures large enough to see product details?
  • Are content label details included to show ingredients, features, cautions, or limitations?
  • Is pricing per item or package obvious and understandable?
  • Is it clear how a customer buys this product?
  • Are product reviews available and easy to navigate?

Good planning and preparation are pivotal for selling anything.

  • You must know how and when your product will be used.
  • Know which visitors will most likely buy your product and why.
  • Know how similar products are marketed.
  • Know how competing products are promoted and sold in your area.
  • Make it a point to know the benefits and liabilities of competing products.
  • Learn which objections must be overcome to sell your product to each visitor.
  • Learn what words potential customers will use to search for your product. 

The content for every product, every product page, needs to be a complete selling environment. When all the visitor's questions are answered you may have a buyer. If you don't answer all their questions your product will sell poorly.

Of course first the prospect has to find you online among similar competing products. Use all the resources you can.

  • Remember, each page may be the first page your visitor sees.
  • The page title is an important information and keyword target.
  • Product descriptions are key.
  • Deliberately focus on product titles, product images, image titles, and keywords.
  • Metadata, page information not visible to casual site visitors, may help differentiate you in search results.
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